We love sneakers and realise how hard it is to find ethically and responsibly made ones.  Enter Veja, a French footwear company that proves its possible to marry style and sustainability.  Veja works along all aspects of their supply chain to integrate sustainable and fair trade practices.  This includes organic cotton, wild rubber from the Amazonian forest, renewable energy, and employing marginalised groups to assist in distribution.  They prove at every point that a better kind of production is possible, and that style does not need to come at a high cost to the earth, the environment, or people. We love

Product Care

Before you wear the shoes for the first time, we advise you to waterproof your shoes and to repeat this operation regularly.

Concerning the canvas models: the canvas can be brushed with cold water and soap, please avoid to wash them in the machine otherwise the leather inserts will rub off on the canvas.

Concerning the leather models: maintain the leather with a specific leather care product in the form of a spray or cream. The suede sections can be maintained by dry brushing.