Condition Guide

We require consigned items to be clean and free of stains or smells. We inspect each item carefully and guarantee the quality of the item and its condition. Each accepted item is categorized as Pristine, Excellent, Very Good, or Good. 

When shopping for pre owned and vintage pieces online, it’s best to follow our garmet measurements as opposed to the marked size. We measure our items laying flat and x 2 to show full circumference. Clothing and sizing has changed over time and differs between brands. Should you have any questions about specific measurements, feel free to contact us directly at

Clothing: Items show no signs of being worn and tags are attached.
Bags, Shoes & Accessories: Items show no signs of being worn and include tags.
Jewellery: Items show no signs of being worn, but do not require tags.
Home: Items show no signs of wear and come with a box and/or tags.


Clothing: Items are in perfect condition but tags are not attached.
Bags, Shoes & Accessories: Items are in perfect condition but tags are not attached.
Jewellery: Items show only extremely superficial signs of wear, such as light surface scratches.
Home: Items show no signs of wear but do not come with a box and/or tags.


Clothing: Items may show lightening to fabric, or small stains and snags.
Bags, Shoes & Accessories: Shoes may have light scuffing to soles. Handbags may have slightly worn corners.
Jewellery: Items may have slight scratches at metal, but stones are still perfect.
Home: Items show minimal signs of wear such as surface scratches, lightening to fabric and minor discoloration or tarnishing.


Clothing: Items may show more prominent wear such as fading of fabric, noticeable stains and snags or discoloration.
Bags, Shoes & Accessories: Shoes may have moderate scuffing at soles and visible creasing or wear to the leather. Handbags may have worn corners, tarnishing at hardware and creasing to leather.
Jewellery: Items may have moderate scratches or tarnishing at any component.
Home: Items show moderate wear such as prominent scratching, fading to fabric and discoloration or tarnishing.


*Many of our items come with original tags, boxes, dust bags and authenticity cards. When these are available, they will be mentioned in the item description.



Please use the following lists below as a guide when checking your items.  We do not accept pieces with any of the flaws listed below.

Non-professional alterations
Larger than pin-size holes
Missing or broken zippers or buttons
Heavy pilling
Splitting seams
Larger than five-cent piece size stains
Prominent tears

Excessive scuffing
Prominent discoloration
Broken buckles or zippers

Leather Goods
Broken buckles, buttons or zippers
Excessive discoloration or fading
Rips, tears or splitting seams
Excessive scuffing or scratching

Bowed arms
Crooked frames
Excessive scratching

Jewellery & Watches
Loose or missing gemstones
Severe metal scratching or denting
Damage to watch functionality (including no battery)