How Do You Price?

No one likes waiting for ages for a result, so we aim to sell your items at the highest possible price within 30 days. Our expert team determines pricing based on four factors: 
Designer & Item Type
Items from top designers and heritage brands tend to retain the highest resale value.  As do brands with lower supply like Kowtow and Empire Rose. Obviously, Gucci, Chanel, and Hermes maintain their resell value, but we also find that Gorman prints, Camilla, and ethical everyday luxe like Bassike maintain higher value as supply is more limited. 
Trend is a fleeting concept, so the more recent your items are, the higher resale value they will have. This can change as vintage styles come back on-trend, but generally, more recent = higher the resell value
We accept items in good (prominent wear), very good (moderate wear), excellent (perfect but without tags) and pristine (new with tags) condition. The closer your items are to pristine condition, the higher resale value they will have. 
Pieces in classic colours (e.g., black) or on-trend, seasonal colours (e.g., whatever Pantone has said) will earn you more.