Old T&Cs

The following Terms & Conditions pertain to items sold to us between November 2015 and 30 June, 2018 under our previous selling system.  Click here for our current contract, valid 1 July 2018 to present. 



  • We pay either 50% store credit** (valid 6 months) or 25% cash of the value we assign to your items (exclusive GST). We do not offer consignment.
    • So, if we think we can sell your dress for $40, you will get back either $20 in store credit or $10 cash. Please Note that cash payouts of more than $100 will need to be sent via bank transfer.
  • Please bring clothes clean and in a bag (preferably a nice reusable tote). Please, no hangers or shoe boxes.
    • Clothes that are freshly laundered, folded, and in reusable bags present better and that means your items will have a better chance of selling. No need to iron, everything gets a steam before its put up for sale.
  • We buy according to demand, condition, season, inventory levels, and shop needs; we reserve the right to not accept items.
  • We accept designer, vintage, no label, and contemporary clothing, jewellery, and handbags. We accept primarily flat, walkable shoes.
    • Please read below for more information on what we require when buying; brands we love; and the styles we do not accept.
    • To get a good idea of what styles we talk and how we price, please check out our Instagram. This is the easiest way to see in advance if we are the right kind of shop for you.
  • No appointments necessary, just walk in – we buy every day up to half-hour before closing.
  • You can choose to watch us buy from you, or drop off and shop or return later for your convenience.
    • Items left by customers for drop off must be claimed within 48 hours or they will be donated to charity. If you can't come back within 48 hours, you MUST let us know at the time of drop off. We are a small shop and do not have space to store left items.
    • Please note that we do not take any responsibility for items left overnight.
  • To sell, you must be at least 18 years of age (or accompanied by an adult) and present a valid photo ID. Information is confidential and is never shared with outside parties nor is it ever used for promotional reasons.