Sustainable Steps

Sustainability and minimising our footprint is important to us at M32.  We are constantly looking for new products and processes that allow us to be a bit cleaner. 

  • PAPER: we use 100% post-consumer recycled paper for our tags and any commercial printing.  We are looking at ways to use recycled or compostable paper for our label stickers.  We are also researching the feasibility of offering seeded tags and paper for our stationary - this is paper that breaks down and spread seeds of indigenous plants. 
  • BAGS: we use bags leftover from our consignor's for purchases. We encourage our customers to carry their beautiful new finds proudly in their hands, but if a bag is needed, we use leftover shop bags donated by our customers.  For our rubbish bags in store, we use compostable plastic bags made from ECOPOND bioplastics that conform to AS4736 (Austlraia, EN13432 (Europe) and ASTMD6400 (USA).  These bags are biodegradable during composting in professionally managed facilities (
  • SHIPPING: as pretty as tissue paper is for wrapping up dresses, we think its wasteful and do not wrap our items up in more than love. Packages are shipped in compostable bags from The Better Packaging Co (  These bags are certified Home Compostable per AS 5810 and ABAP 20001 and clean enough for worms to eat. 
  • LIGHTING: LED all the way.  
  • ELECTICITY: Perth gets hot, so when required A/C is on. If its not, we love working with natural air flow to keep our store cool and lovely.
  • FIT OUT: Our Maylands shop is 75% recycled. The steel pipe racks were new and  provided by a Melbourne company. The wooden doors for the change rooms and shelving came via our favourite local salvage yard (Vinsan in Bayswater).  Other decor including sofas, planters, tables were all thrifted from various local op shops and Gumtree. 

We love circularity and bringing new life to old things in a modern and approachable way.  We also like investing in new technologies that help close the loop in logistics.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to flick us an email xo